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Online Customer Order Forms for Customers and Sales Team

Lynn Ferrare
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


I signed up the free trial and have been watching a few of the smartsheet videos and playing around in the dashboard  but I still am not clear if smartsheet will work for us and I'm hoping to share what I am looking for and then someone at smartsheet can tell me if will work for us or not. 


We are a small business that sell bottles of e-liqued to retail stores.  I have 2 sales guys that visit customers in the field and place orders via text message. 


We also have the store owners  texting our sales guys with orders and then they (our sales guys) forward those texts to me.  This  way of doing business is a nightmare.  Everything is one long text and we have to sort it out, copy it onto our order form which leave a great chance for errors.  


We also  have a PDF order form that we created in Excel that we  email to some of our out of state customers but they have to print it out and fax it to us.  Our local store owners do not have computors at their store.  When they want to place an order they call or text.  We must keep it simple for them.  We are hoping to streamline this process with a mobile order form as they all pretty much have smartphones.


What We need:


1. We would like a simple order form embedded on our website that the store owners can go to on their smartphones and add the quantity of the bottles they are ordering.  They would enter in their price (we have different customers on different price levels) We need  smartsheet to calculate the  total number of bottles ordered  and the extended price that would be calculated on each row.  Then they would submit the form and it goes to my inbox.


2.  I also would create another form for our sales guys that they would fill out and email it to me. 



Is  it possilbe for smartsheet to do all this?  Our order form is pretty simple.

SKU#      Nicotine Level      Quanittiy 


All they would have to do is fill out the Quantity and of course their store name and info.  


The SKU's and Nicotine Level will be on the sheet and uneditable. 


I was hoping to embed this smart sheet  or form onto our website and the store owners go their from their phones and fill out the form and submit it to us.


Is this even possible with smartsheet?  Does the form clear itself after every customer entry?  It seems smartsheet is more for project management  so I am hoping someone can let me know.  


Thank you for your time,





  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    The short answer is yes.  You can use a webform to capture the customer and sales person's order/request and have them sent to a sheet(s).


    The only clarification where you state "We need  smartsheet to calculate the  total number of bottles ordered  and the extended price that would be calculated on each row."

    It can do this in the sheet once the order is submitted, but it will not autocalulcate this within the webform prior to cusotmer submitting the webform.


    Hope that helps.


  • Brett Evans
    Brett Evans ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Tim is absolutely right.  The short answer is Yes. 


    Tim had asked me to take a look at this and you could use this to capture orders form your customers as long as they have smartphones.


    I just built a little mockup that I could walk you through and talk to you about how you could share it with your customers and manage from your phone or computer.   There would be a few different components. But in in the end, it would be "set it and forget it" thanks to Smartsheet! It would take a couple of hours to build out, but will eliminate the pain of how you are doing it now.


    Please email me at BrettEvansSF AT gmail DOT com and we can set up a time to go over the solution.




  • Lynn Ferrare
    edited 09/17/15

    Thank you so much Tim and Brett.  Brett, I am going to email you.  I feel like smartsheet could possibly work for us but I just need to now for sure.   Regardless if it works for us or not, I think smartsheet is awesome for what I've seen it do for others.  


    Thank you for your replies,







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