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  • Quickbooks & Smartsheet
    In API & Developers
    So. I've been working on this Quickbooks & Smartsheet Integration for a couple of years now for my own internal use.  It has many application & the proof of concept exists and we use it.  We use it for an approval process (for in…
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  • Auto populate data in Forms
    In Using Smartsheet
    I am trying to auto populate the data in Forms for example if we select ID the corresponding fields will get auto populated with required values. As per the attachment if we enter any ID in the CUS ID field it should populate the PSS Firs…
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  • Charts Plotting 0
    In Using Smartsheet
    I recently contacted support to find out if there was an option within dashboard charts to keep the charts from plotting 0. I received the following response: Currently we don't have a feature in place that will prevent specific values fr…
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  • Cross Sheet reference/"assigned to" allow multiple contacts per cell LIKE formula?
    In Formulas and Functions
    SS community - I need help. I have created a Sales Pipeline sheet for my sales team, sales stages etc which is basically it's own CRM. I am trying to gain metrics in order to keep the sales team members honest and report the truth to the l…
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  • Pricing: A La Carte Apps
    In Apps, Integrations, and Add Ons
    Smartsheet, you need you allow apps to be added a la carte to Business accounts. Restricting apps to Enterprise is unnecessary. It feels like nothing more than hard-ball sales tactics. While Smartsheet has helped our business organize our…
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  • Dashboard with Filters - Best Practice
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi all, I am pretty new to Smartsheet and will need your help to build a dashboard. What is the best practice to create one? GRID I have multiple salespeople in my team, each of them have their own grid. The grid looks something like this…
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  • Report on all sheets I am part of as Assigned To
    In Using Smartsheet
    Many of our team members will be allocated to many different sheets. 1. Is there a feature how to make a report showing all sheets I am assigned to?, and as a continuation a report showing specific tasks in those projects, for example Gat…
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  • Count Number of Cells that Contain Certain Text?
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello, I am trying to count the number of cells that contain certain words, such as "NYSEG" or "RGE," when the cells may contain more than one of these words. I have tried using =COUNT(FIND("ConEd", [Utiliti…
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  • database
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello, Smartsheet team! I work for a medical equipment sales company which is intereted in create a database of all our client’s equipment. We want to sort all this information out in order to eliminate paperwork. We need to apply differe…
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  • Auto fill a second column based on a drop down selection using a form
    In Formulas and Functions
    I understand I can likely do this with a very, very long VLOOKUP  or IF/THEN formula in every cell, but I'm dealing with over a hundred items and that will be unwieldy.  Situation: I would like to have a form where someone selects one op…
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