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  • Google Forms sync - access denied
    In API & Developers
    Hi, i have enabled Google forms sync for Smartsheets, when I click the add-on for smart sheets in a form and it tries to connect to SS, I get this error:   Smartsheet Sync: Has been denied access to your data.   any help on what is go…
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  • Integrating with SharePoint
    In API & Developers
    I would like some suggestions for integration with SharePoint.  What are the best practices and ways to share information.  Will information shared be actively updated or is it best to generate reports to be shared as static images that up…
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    12.3K views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood API & Developers
    In API & Developers
    We have been using HYPERLINK("http://website.ws/links", "Click Here") in both excel and google spreadsheet, and since we need jotforms integration for client our current links in smartsheet is very long and creating hyp…
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    467 views 2 comments Most recent by Chris Brock API & Developers
  • Fillable PDF
    In API & Developers
    Has anyone tried to use the submit button on a fillable PDF form to send data into smartsheet?  Doens't seem to difficult but could use some guidance.
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    1.9K views 19 comments Most recent by Angelo C. API & Developers
  • API 2.0 formula
    In API & Developers
    Has anyone had any experience of trying to add a formula through the 2.0 API? If so could you please let me know what the JSON syntax should be?
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    163 views 2 comments Most recent by dAVE Inden API & Developers
  • Rate Limit Error
    In API & Developers
    Last week encountered for the first time a rate limit exceed error (4003) in our nightly batch-process. This batch proces is synchronising Smartsheet objects with our TimeTracking application 4TT. Since 2016 this proces works fine, but so…
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  • Moving Task - Multiple Selection
    In API & Developers
    Hello, I am wondering if smartsheet can allow a user to move a few tasks all at once to a different due date, or status.  Instead of changing each one, one at a time? Thanks!
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    85 views 1 comment Most recent by Shaine Greenwood API & Developers