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We have been using HYPERLINK("http://website.ws/links", "Click Here") in both excel and google spreadsheet, and since we need jotforms integration for client our current links in smartsheet is very long and creating hyperlink manually for each row is a terrible ordeal.  It would be great if you add HYPERLINK("URL", "Text") to your next API rollout.


  • dAVE Inden
    dAVE Inden Employee

    You can create a hyperlink in a sheet via the Smartsheet API when adding a row or updating a row. This is done using the "hyperlink" attribute on the cell object where you provide the URL to use.

    I'm adding a screenshot of an example body for an Add Row request to this post that adds a hyperlink to www.smartsheet.com and the text for the hyperlink is Hyperlink Example.


    Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.00.40 PM.png

  • How would this functionality work with the Zapier integration with Smartsheet?