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    Why are there no VB examples shown in your "Smartsheet API 2.0" documentation when you have a VB example by the name of "vb-read-write-sheet"?? It would be VERY helpful if you included VB example code along with all th…
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  • Using Google Calendar shared with me
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    Hi, I've tried and successfully implemented the feature of publishing to Google Calendar. However, it requires that the target Google calendar be a calendar that I own, rather than one that is shared with me even though the shared calenda…
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  • How to move multiple rows to another sheet via API
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    I have code in C# that moves a row from one sheet to another, but I can only get it to work when I hard code the row id in the CopyOrMoveRowDirective line.  What is the syntax for passing a row id into the statement?  I have tried rowm.ID …
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  • SSIS package to read Smartsheet data to export the data into SQL database
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    I need to bring data from Smart sheet data into sql server using ssis. can anyone suggest the steps.
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  • Sync to Googlesheets via API?
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    Hey, has anyone successfully created a sync from Smartsheets into GoogleSheets to sync data from Smartsheets into Google Sheets? I am looking for some samples or for someone to say they have done it and point me in the right direction for …
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  • Getting last login information via API call
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    I am hitting the users endpoint(https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/users) to get all of our user information. I am trying to find out inactive users based on last login date. The API call doesn't return me the last login information for any us…
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  • Column Type difference between API and GUI
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    Hi All,   I have a somewhat confusing issue within a sheet where the API is reporting a different column type to the interactive gui.   Attempting to force the column shown by the API from TEXT_NUMBER to MULTI_CONTACT as per the GUI th…
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  • Python API
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    Greetings I am trying to execute the sample API code on GITHUB, in python for me to read and write sheets.  I don't understand the use of the following line of codes. Do I need to replace _file_ ? and what do I replace it with ? _dir =…
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  • Usage metrics
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    Hi Smartsheet community,  I am trying to create an app that fetches usage statistics/metrics for a given smartsheet account (like number of sheets or items created, edited, opened, etc), but couldn't find any API which could do the same. …
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