Column Type difference between API and GUI

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Hi All,


I have a somewhat confusing issue within a sheet where the API is reporting a different column type to the interactive gui.


Attempting to force the column shown by the API from TEXT_NUMBER to MULTI_CONTACT as per the GUI through the API results in a success returned, however the subsequent re-query returns TEXT_NUMBER again and all whilst the web gui maintains it's a CONTACT_LIST with "Allow multiple contacts per cell" option ticked.


Anybody got any ideas what would cause this?  And do I persuade the API to display the same as the gui?!!


Worth mentioning that this column was originally TEXT_NUMBER when created and the later modified to be a MULTI_CONTACT.


Screen grabs attached showing results.





  • dAVE Inden
    dAVE Inden Employee

    In the GET Sheet request there is a query string parameter called level. The docs note it specifies whether multi-contact data is returned in a backwards-compatible, text format (level=0, default) or as multi-contact data (level=1).

    Without this in place a CONTACT_LIST column that has multi-contacts enabled will have a type of TEXT_NUMBER for being backwards compatible text. For your request add another Param with a key of level and a value of 1. This should get it to return the type of the column as MULTI_CONTACT_LIST.

    I would suggest also adding objectValue to your include Param to get the data in the cell back as MULTI_CONTACT data instead of just the displayValue. You can separate ownerInfo and objectValue with a comma to have both be used.

  • Hi Dave,


    Thank you!  Spot on, works perfectly, I totally overlooked that.