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  • Customize fiscal year
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    How do I customize a fiscal year in a Gantt chart. For example, my fiscal year starts in Aug on a specific date - is there a way to customize the timeline so that it uses my fiscal year start instead of the default options?
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  • Uploading my Picture into my Community Profile
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I've tried several times to upload my picture into my Community Profile.  I select Edit in my profile, I get the screen that currently has the picture blank, I click select file, go to the folder on my computer, select the pcture, nothing …
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  • Gantt Chart layout - weeks
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I am aware that you can create a Gantt chart view by showing the week of the year.  Is there a way to configure the layout to show the project week?     Thanks for any assistance.   Mike
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  • Formula to block dates
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I want to be able to not allow a training date to be entered, that is less than 5 days after the current day.  If they try to enter let's say today's date, 7/31/15, it would not allow them. However if they enter a date that is 5 days or g…
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  • Updated cells automatically highting in Pink
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    Is there anyway to stop updated cells being highlighted in pink for 1 hour after they have been updated?  THe reason being is because whilst it is pink it is not possible to update the cell colour to anything else which is fustrating.   …
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    Closed 61 views 1 comment Most recent by Stephanie Taylor Archived 2015 Posts
  • Cost Data Not Exporting to Microsoft Project
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I am a hardware engineer. My project engineer starts by handing me a Microsoft Project file so I can fill in the details of how long each task is going to take and how much cost will the labor and materials will be.   I prefer importing …
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  • Web Forms. How to have a default attachment (file upload)?
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I use Web Forms to add new rows to a Service and Repair Register. Easy! I also wish to upload a default Job Card (Word file) with each new record, efficiently and with little chance of error. Not so easy!   Is it possible to add a defau…
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  • New way to open and control multiple sheets on the top bar
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    I like my sheets in a certain order and would like to see certain sheets opened as a group.  This can be done now, but it is awkward.  I would like to see the groups color coded with small tab on the end of the group to move or close the g…
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  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    Does anyone else use Dragon Naturally Speaking when entering data into Smart Sheets?  My expience has been negative.  I can go to any other website, and enter text etc.  However, SmartSheets does not allow for text to be entered in this ma…
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    Closed 53 views 3 comments Most recent by mike2755 Archived 2015 Posts
  • Recurring Task Lists
    In Archived 2015 Posts
    Is it possible to set up a recurring task list so that when I check a task as "done" the due date automatically recalculates to the next due date?   Ideally it would create a new task with the new due date that was not marked as …
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