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  • Cannot Login from China
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi,    My colleagues from China cannot login to SmartSheet start from yesterday afternoon. Before it was OK.   He tried from different computers, also tried clear his borowser's history and cookies, but still failed. Then we asked frie…
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  • Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 (On prem)
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Any update on support for on premise implementations of Outlook platforms (Exchange 2010 or 2013) integrating with SmartSheet?  We won't be utilizing Office365 at our firm.  Thanks!
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    Closed 11 views 2 comments Most recent by Jeanene Bettner Archived 2017 Posts
  • Formula Help Needed
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi everyone,   Need some help. I'm sure this is a simple formula ... but I'm not Excel (or Smartsheets) savvy enough to figure it out.   I have a DATE column, and I have a FLAG column. If the date entered in the DATE column is more tha…
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  • Cannot upload or download documents!
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    is anyone else having trouble uploading and downloading documents on smartsheet??? Noone on my team is able to do this very simple thing on smartsheet. Please help!
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    Closed 216 views 6 comments Most recent by Chicago Area PM Archived 2017 Posts
  • Sending data to another sheet leaves formulars behind.............
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Hi Team,     Now that i have a sheet that completes the sales process from contract through too invoiced/paid. The row needs to go to another sheet, I noticed it leaves the formulas behind and when i send it back to the original sheet I…
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    Closed 1 view 3 comments Most recent by Heath Sanders Archived 2017 Posts
  • Live Data Connector and Spotfire
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Has anyone had success with using the Live Data Connector with Spotfire webplayer?  I have been able to use it fine with the desktop client, but it doesn't seem to work well with the Web Player.
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    Closed 52 views 4 comments Most recent by dAVE Inden Archived 2017 Posts
  • Rounding up the results of an IF formula
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    I finally figured out how to create an IF formula to get an AVG of Children divide that by a specific number, and enter "N/A" if there was nothing in the children cells.   NOW my boss would like to Round the resulting number up…
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    Closed 72 views 5 comments Most recent by Bobko Archived 2017 Posts
  • COUNTIF Formula Help
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Set up a set of columns: lead, support and stage. I can get the COUNTIF formula to work for me to count the names of the people assigned in the lead and support columns, but I need help figuring out how to get it to also look at the stage …
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    Closed 21 views 2 comments Most recent by Dana A Archived 2017 Posts
  • Line Break as Delimiter in JOIN(CHILDREN()) Formula
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    1. I want to aggregate text information from child cells and use a line break as delimiter. How can I do this?   2. In Addition it would be nice to have "Primary Column" as prefix before the respective contents.   Example Va…
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    Closed 586 views 3 comments Most recent by Cesar Maradiaga Archived 2017 Posts
  • Formula Malfunction!
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    Has anyone every had a situation where a formula in a cell calculates improperly if it references a cell whose value is also derived based on a formula?   I have a formula set up where it's looking at cells in the current and previous ro…
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    Closed 11 views 7 comments Most recent by J. Craig Williams Archived 2017 Posts