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Cannot Login from China

Jazz Zeng
Jazz Zeng
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My colleagues from China cannot login to SmartSheet start from yesterday afternoon. Before it was OK.


He tried from different computers, also tried clear his borowser's history and cookies, but still failed. Then we asked friends from other cities in China tried to logon, they all have similar problems. They can open the home page of SmartSheet, but when login or register a new user, it cannot go through. 


Things are working fine with us in Australia, but our colleagus in China cannot login and access to Smartsheet. We have checked nearly everything on computer and network. Is everything OK with SmartSheet server right now? Hope we can get advice soon.






  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/01/17


    Send this enquiry directly to Support@smartesheet.com it will get a quick response. 

    Could it be a Chinese Gov issue? Hope not. 

    We have clients in China who use Smartsheet very successfully.




  • Test User

    Not quite a current response but we are experiencing the same issue.  The problem is smartsheet uses Google services which is blocked in China.   The only way around the issue is to connect outside the Great China Firewall.



  • Test User
    Test User
    edited 04/12/17

    Added response from Smartsheet:


    ...Occasionally, we receive reports that Smartsheet has not been accessible from certain IP addresses in China. Although we are seeing continued usage originating from China, our Operations team has confirmed that www.smartsheet.com, app.smartsheet.com, and s3.amazonaws.com have been subject to block, presumably by the Chinese government. It is unclear to us if these blocks are intermittent, temporary, or permanent.

    In regards to logging in, some customers have found that using an alternate network or VPN will allow them to navigate to our site during these blockages. 


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