Deduplicate a dynamic list that's being pulled in via a Jira workflow.


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I would love some help paring down a dynamic list that is coming from a Jira workflow. Is there a way to take a Jira workflow source sheet that updates daily and get a static list of the epics included on that sheet?

Sheet A (What I'm working from): Pulled from Jira. Contains a dynamic list of stories that are either In Progress or in the backlog. Each story is linked/rolls up to an epic. This sheet updates in realtime.

Sheet B (What I'd like to end up with): Sheet that queries all of the epics in Sheet A and pares it down by removing duplicates. This sheet would need to be fairly dynamic as well - to account for epics that are added/removed as work is completed in Jira.


  • Ryan Sides
    Ryan Sides ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Maria Patton if you can nail down what you'd consider a duplicate, you could add a duplicate checker column to your first sheet that would check on when a dup row precedes it. Then, create a report for that sheet that excludes the marked duplicates. Does that fit your scenario, or is there a reason for the second sheet? (i.e. you're adding additional data points that you don't want on the first sheet)

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