Smartsheet to Power BI Power Automate

Majid Kayani
Majid Kayani ✭✭
edited 01/26/23 in API & Developers

@Genevieve P.

I Hope you are well I haven't connected with you for a while and i was wondering if i ask for your assistance.

I have limited knowledge regarding this topic. I currently have a Smartsheet File that is updated regularly using a Smartsheet app I have created for time tracking.

what I am trying to do if there anyway update a power BI report every time a new row is created. i have done this via power automate however I have come across an issue and it appears my "operation is being throttled". i think this is due to the amount of people using the app to input time.

I was wondering if you could suggest a way of how I could get around this issue or better way of working.

just thinking out loud. Should i call a API from smarsheets?

Sorry its a bit vague but I am struggling here.