Formula for using a date to add qty?


I am not sure if this is possible but what I am looking to do is.

  • I have 125 custom flanges in stock
  • I have a shipment of 100 custom flanges due on the 24/4/23
  • I have used 25 custom flanges in order 01

However, the stock of custom flanges is now 200 which is not true because the shipment hasn't arrived yet. What I am looking for is a formula so the shipment of 100 customs flanges won't be added to the stock qty until 24/4/23 when they are due to arrive.

Could someone please help me with this?


  • BdH
    BdH ✭✭

    In stock management it is common to work with a virtual stock level to ensure a user understands that this is stock that is not yet available. To answer your question:

    Add a cell that contains the "Stock date" = 23/01/23

    You could use a formula like this:

    =125 + IF([Finish date]12 < [Stock date]1; [Qty]12; 0) - [Qty]15

    This checks whether the Finish date of Order has passed. If that has happened than it takes the number into account.

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