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Text under "Comments" Column is in a strange position. How can I fix it? Thanks

Ward Boyer
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi, the text should be under "Comments," not over it too (see highlighted text).  How can I fix it?  Thanks



  • Hi Ward,

    It appears from your screenshot that you're looking at a Metric Widget of a Sight. 

    There isn't a way to change the justification of the column labels on the left side of the widget.

    When you have a moment, submit your idea and use case directly to our Product team using the Product Enhancement Request Form under Quick links on the right of the community site.

  • Ward Boyer
    edited 06/07/17

    Thanks Shaine.  But I'm not concerned about column justification.  

    How come the highlighted text doesn't appear below the "Comments" label like the rest of the text?  I have other nine other metric widgets in Sights and the text appears correctly under the "Comments" label. 

    See attachment.  Thanks again 



  • This appears to be a Metric Widget associated with a column in a sheet; that column's name is "Comments." The items in the "Comments" technically exist in one cell in your Upgrade ProjectDox... source sheet, and are likely entered with carriage returns, which causes the vertically centered "Comments" label to be in the position that it's in. This is expected behavior.

    Can you send a screenshot where the "Comments" label isn't vertically centered?

  • Hi Shaine, here's screenshot with normal text under "Comments."  Please advise.  Thanks   

    Screenshot 061917.JPG

    Screenshot 061917.JPG

  • Assuming that these are  Sights I'm looking at (please confirm this), I think this might be due to the size of your widget.

    Try editing the sight and making your widget thinner. This should push the Comments label to the top.

    Through testing this on a Sight, if the text in the cell uses carriage returns (which it appears that yours does) and the widget is wide enough, the column name label—in this case Comments—will automatically stay on the side, center justified.

    If you make the widget thinner by dragging the widget inward, then Comments won't have room on the side and will jump above the text.

  • Shaine, reducing the width fixed it.  Thx 

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