conditional count

Hello good people,

I'm simply trying to come up with a formula that counts the occurrences of a specified value from a drop down list column (even if there are multiple values selected in cell within that column). There are 2 other conditions as well with designated columns: specified date and person.

This formula is drawing from another sheet and after about 30 minutes of research this was the closest i could come up with:

=SUM(IF((ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Completed", {BMDA TAP QA Sheet Range 5}))) * ({BMDA TAP QA Sheet Range 1}="2023-02") * ({BMDA TAP QA Sheet Range 2}="John Doe"),1,0))

I've tried multiple variations of countifs, has, contains, if........ I don't know.

any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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