Auto Generation of a Serial Number with Built in Logic Characters


I am wanting to see if anyone can assist in verifying an idea could be reality in smartsheet. I am wanting to create a auto generated serial number but the first 4 characters are based on user input. (Plant Code, Year, Month -Alphabet Character) then a 5 digit auto gen sequential serial number.

It would have to reset after the month though.

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    Hi @Bunderhill

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    Yes, you can use the autonumbering column, but you'd have to reset it manually each month.

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Kelly P.
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    If the goal is simply to have the serial number placed "automatically" rather than manually, you could collect the user inputs in backend columns, have an auto-numbering column in the backend, and then put the various elements together via formula in a "Serial Number" column. For example, you could pull the year from the created date, pull the month from the created date and convert it to text via formula, have the user select their plant code (or index/match from an employee list based on their name in the created by column). Then a simple formula in the serial number column could pull all of the user inputs together and add in the auto-number.

    Hope this helps!


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