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Hello community, I need your wisdom. I have a database fill by user with a form related to the DB.

My objective is to send a automatic email as a reminder to complete the weekly task.

Thursday at 9 am, the workflow check in the DB to check if we receive an information in the DB.

I need two conditions to send the good email to the good person.

Like this, it does not work. Did I miss something ?

Thanks you for your help


  • I think the trigger, affecte my whole sheet not just the 5 past days...

  • bsikes
    bsikes ✭✭✭

    When your trigger is set to start on "06/02/23", is that saying June 2nd, or Feb 6th? My date formatting is MM/DD/YY, so to me that would be saying June 2nd, meaning it hasn't triggered yet.

    I assume yours is probably DD/MM/YY, meaning this isn't the problem, but never hurts to check.

  • Hi, thanks for sharing your tought, but my date format is ok. I try my automation by trigger my workflow and it don't work. When I check specific line it worked but when it normally trigger weekly thursday at 9am, it look all my sheet not juste de 5 last days...

  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Samuel R. Leblanc

    Your condition block - "Where Date is not in the last 4 days" is excluding only rows where the Date column has values in the last 4 days; every other row is included in the condition.

    What Date values are you looking to include? Do you want this to run on rows where the date is older than 4 days ago, or only in the last 4 days, or???


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