Summing Multi-Dropdown Values

I have a Smartsheet with a multi-dropdown where people pick multiple tests to be run. Each of those tests has a cost that I have on a different sheet. With one selection in the test column it's easy enough to do a VLOOKUP to grab the value. Is it possible to parse through multiple entries in a cell, grab their individual costs from a table using VLOOKUP (or something else), and sum them? Or do I just need to create separate VLOOKUP columns for each test?


  • @jbaranski - i think its easiest if you add helper columns

    For example: Helper: LM- hu and the column formula would be: (you will have to do this for each assay)

    =SUMIF([Assays]@row, HAS(@cell, "LM- hu"), {underlying sheet with data})

    then you will need a total cost column

    =SUM([LM- Hu]@row + [LM - Mu]@row + [LM - Rat]@row + [LM - Cyno]@row + [LM - Dog]@row

  • Yeah that's my backup option but there are 50+ tests so trying to avoid that if I can.

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