Why is my formula giving me incorrect average when trying to average the children rows?

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I have a formula that is averaging the percentage of the children row of the column Percent completed, to give me another percentage of the ones that are less than 100% and then I have another column that will average the percentage of the ones that are greater than 100%. But it is not giving me a correct percentage. The screen shot should average 75% in the Goal Not Met column but it's returning as 59%. Is there something I need to change in my formula?

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    The Child rows of the dark blue row, Item 99511, are only the rows with the PROD number in yellow:

    So the average of 55% and 63% = 59%.

    Try using DESCENDANTS instead of CHILDREN in your formula and see if that considers all the rows under 100%.

    Or, if you want all the rows to be direct children of 99511, then outdent the rows in the green boxes.


    Jeff Reisman

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