Help converting excel formula to smartsheet

Hello! I'm working on converting a labor budgeting spreadsheet from Excel to Smartsheets. I've been able to convert most of the formulas over but I'm stumped on this one. I'm trying to reference a few other sheets to collect name and zone they're working in.

I have this formula for name:

=IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Monday",'Monday Staffing'!A2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Tuesday",'Tuesday Staffing'!A2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Wednesday",'Wednesday Staffing'!A2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Thursday",'Thursday Staffing'!A2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Friday",'Friday Staffing'!A2,'Saturday Staffing'!A2)))))

And this one for task:

=IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Monday",'Monday Staffing'!C2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Tuesday",'Tuesday Staffing'!C2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Wednesday",'Wednesday Staffing'!C2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Thursday",'Thursday Staffing'!C2,IF('Outbound Staffing Requirements'!$B$1="Friday",'Friday Staffing'!C2,'Saturday Staffing'!C2)))))

Ideally, I'd be able to select the cell and drag down the smartsheet to apply the formula to all names and zones below.

Thank you in advance.


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