I am trying to create a formula however wonder if it is too complicated. I am trying to use it to keep a running total of inventory. I have a sheet that will contain the 'Quantity Available' and another sheet that has the parts. The formula I am trying to create is to pick up the count from the other sheet that has a running total of Quantity In + Quantity Out which gives the total amount available however I am trying to get it to pick up when the Product Type only says 1/4" O-Rings for example.

I have tried doing the formula a couple of different ways and it isn't working.

Need the formula to show something along the lines of =SUMIFS(Quantity In+Quantity Out, Product Type = 1/4" O-Rings). This would mean the quantity available is only relevant to the O-Rings of that size however it has a running balance so as more O-Rings come in and out the quantity available in the other sheet will always continue to update.

For reference I have included an example. Sheet 1 would contain the running balance and Sheet 2 would contain the information.

E.g I need to be about to get the quantity available in sheet 1 to show 2 (3 in and 1 out for only the 1/4" O-Rings).

Would love to know if this is even possible! If so, please send through ideas as to how the formula would make it work.


  • ro.fei
    ro.fei ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Laura Peters

    Could you include an example of how you have the running totals set up in Sheet 1? I'll need to see how you have that set up in order to help you come up with an appropriate formula. Mention me in your comment & I'll get back to you with what I come up with 😊

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