Parsing \

Have a column called Manager Short Name. I want to parse out the ID after \, example EMEA\abcdf

I have tried many variations of

=RIGHT([Manager Short Name]@row, FIND("\", [Manager Short Name]@row) -1)

I get #unparseable

I have used this same formula in other columns but I have not had \ as the factor its been . or /. Some reason it doesn't appear to like the \ symbol.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @mbennett

    You are correct! Formulas are not a fan of the \ symbol as it's an escape character. We found on this other thread that adding it twice resolved the issue.


    =RIGHT([Manager Short Name]@row, FIND("\\", [Manager Short Name]@row) -1)



  • Thank you Genevieve! The \\ worked. I did have to switch my formula up a bit because it wasn't grabbing everything to the right. Since the left side was consistent I parsed that off using

    =MID([Manager Short Name]@row, FIND("\\", [Manager Short Name]@row) + 1, 8)

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