Index Match Between Sheets Working Sporadically


I am trying to make a currency conversion chart where if a user in Sheet 1, can choose a dropdown in [Column9] and it will index match term with Sheet 2, matching [Primary Column] and returning [Column2] back to Sheet 1 in [Column8].

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

The issue I am having is that the Index Match will sometimes not work unless it is on an unspecified row on Sheet 2.

As a test, I dragged the same formatting down on Sheet 2 to see if it would populate.

The index match picks up at the 8th iteration. If I delete the previous rows or move them around, the Index Match will stop working. Any ideas what the issue could be? This is the formula in Column8: =INDEX({Currency Conversion All}, MATCH([Column9]@row, {Currency}), 2)


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