Count if "Compliant" and if Blank

I am looking for the correct formula to count if cells in a range are "compliant" and if they are blank. I have tried several ways with no success, including:

=COUNTIFS([Bandera Q1]114:[Bandera Q1]131, "Compliant" + COUNTIFS([Bandera Q1]114:[Bandera Q1]131, ""))

=COUNTIFS([Bandera Q1]114:[Bandera Q1]131, "Compliant", [Bandera Q1]114:[Bandera Q1]131, "")

Here is a screenshot. I only need to count if compliant or blank so that I can divide by the number of questions in that column to get a compliance %. This issue came about when we added new questions after the audit was completed, therefore, the cell will be blank.

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