Countif date range, two columns

Stian Johansen
edited 03/09/23 in Formulas and Functions


I want to find an formula who can count if todays date is inside the date range of two columns. Have already made the formula for one date range, but can't get it to work with two. Hope somebody would be able to help me

=COUNTIFS({Utf-start-utb}; IFERROR(DAY(@cell); 0) = DAY(TODAY()); {Utb-montør}; Kontakt@row)

In this formula I count “utførelse start” if its match todays date, and “montør” matches another column. As for now It doesnt match the 8th of March, because “utførelse start” is only one value - not an range. On the first row I want it to give me the value of one booking if inside start and end date.

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