Formula or report?

Desertbird ✭✭
edited 03/10/23 in Formulas and Functions

Need some guidance on a formula I'm trying to build. We have identical sheets gathering separate information and I need to gather that into a single formula to determine % of of sales. The formula I'm needing to build is:

(discount 1-discount 2-discount 3)/(sales-financed)

Discount 1, 2, 3, sales and financed are all on their own sheets an in the below format. However, I cannot seem to cross reference a sheet with just the "=" and I would like to build a formula to pull this without having to remake it every month. Is there a report or other tool that will make this easier? If not, what formula type should I be looking for to get this working? Or will I need to create helper columns for each in order to do what I want?

Any help is appreciated!


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