Can anyone HELP!!! How to use the < & > in a formula PLS

N Kanabar
N Kanabar
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Hi All,

I am currently making a RAID log for my project.

Where I am struggling is that after calculating the Risk score, I want to use a CountIf formula to provide me with a count that if the risk score is more than or equal to 5, if the risk score is =< 3. I have managed to achieve this.

The issue I am finding is how would I be able to count the number of medium risks that fall between the range of 3 - 5. I need a formula to basically be:

= {CCST RAID Log Range 4}, <5 but >3

Is there a way to do this? This method unfortunately returns an error.

Look forward to your thoughts and thank you in advance for any help or insight you can give.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @N Kanabar

    Try this:

    =COUNTIFS({CCST RAID Log Range 4}, >=3, {CCST RAID Log Range 4}, <5)

    Keep in mind that this will not include 5 since we're only looking at less than 5. If you want 3, 4, and 5 to be counted, you can add in an = sign before the 5:

    =COUNTIFS({CCST RAID Log Range 4}, >=3, {CCST RAID Log Range 4}, <=5)

    Let me know if this makes sense and works for you!



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