IF formula in a Report

Hello! I am on a Pro license. I have one sheet where I enter various projects in various countries. Due to my license limitations, I can't do Grouping, so I am using SUM(CHILDREN()) formula to have the project amount rolled up. If I could have an IF formula in the report I would be able to create one report for each country and display the sum in the Parent ONLY for this specific country. Has anyone tried this? Is it possible?


  • Brucey
    Brucey ✭✭✭✭✭


    One way around this is to create a 'level' column. In this column you should write a formula counting children rows. =COUNT(CHILDREN()). I usually hide this column too as you don't need to see it.

    Therefore when you use your report - you can filter the data using this column, so children > 0.

    Hope that helpss

  • Thank you, Brucey! I have also made deeper research and found that report can't have a calculated column, and it is possible to edit the formula. Any formulas would need to be edited in the source sheet.

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