Multiple (mutually exclusive) SUMIFS in one column


Is it possible to have multiple SUMIFS working in one column, if you ensure that their criteria are mutually exclusive?

I want to have the following function in various rows of the same column:

=SUMIFS([Jan'23]:[Jan'23], Function:Function, Function@row, [Cost Center]:[Cost Center], [Cost Center]@row)

Via the selected Functions and CostCenters, it is ensured that the different SUMIFS are not referencing the same values or even each other... Nevertheless, I still get a Circulare-Reference error...

Is it just not possible to have mutliple SUMIFS in one column? I found one workaround in the forums but I don't want to work with Parents()/Children() as I use this for other parts of the calculation...

Thanks in advance for any help, David


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