Smartsheet "SUM" Formula not Working


I am trying to add the numbers from several columns in a Smartsheet. I am using this formula:

=SUM([CALC-Number of Affected Applications]@row + [CALC-New Process or Procedure]@row + [CALC-New Software?]@row + [CALC-New or Edited Reports]@row + [CALC-Number of IT Resources Needed]@row + [CALC-Number of Departments Involved]@row + [CALC-Estimated Time to Complete]@row + [CALC-Amount of Revenue Potential]@row + [CALC-Number of Known Risks]@row + [CALC-Number of Known Benefits]@row + [CALC-Cost]@row)

However, although there are numbers in every column, I am getting a result of 0. What am I missing?

Also, the columns I am wanting to sum have formulas in them. But I need to add the value that the formula creates.


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