Small function with duplicate values


Hi all,

Can someone help me with this dilemma. Let's say I have an ID column and a value column. Value can include numbers. These numbers can have duplicates: 1,2,3,3,4,2,etc. in rows.

I'm trying to retrieve the IDs based on the values in ascending order. I can use INDEX, MATCH, SMALL, and COLLECT but because of the duplicates, it only pulls the first one that matches.

ID -> Value

ID1 -> 3

ID2 -> 1

ID3 -> 1

ID4 -> 2

How do you get the ID with the first smallest number, then ID with the 2nd smallest number, etc. If the value is the same, it doesn't matter in which order the ID is pulled. So from above the least valued ID would be ID2 or ID3 (doesn't matter), the second ID2 or ID3, the third ID4, and the 4th would be ID1.



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