Referencing 2 sheets with imported excel sheets


Hi folks

I have an excel book with 2 sheets. One sheet has a ledger and it updates the totals in another sheet. Is it possible to import the excel sheet and have it work the same without any changes or would I have to start again.

Thank you for any pointers.;


  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can import the data easily enough, but more than likely will have to rewrite some of the formulas. You will certainly have to rewrite the cross-communication between sheets.

    Most excel formulas will show up (so long as you have that radio button checked) in smartsheet's import wizard, and they can work, but I tend to get some unparseable cells or broken references and have to reverify that the data and formulae all did what they were supposed to. I've never had a transfer that I didn't have to polish a bit on the back end. The more complicated your references are, the more likely you are to see something break, but you might get lucky. Can't hurt to try.

  • Faldo
    Faldo ✭✭

    Hi so I would just make two sheets in smart sheet and name them the same as my other 2 in excel.

    thanks very much for your answer.

    I am just trying out smart sheet at the moment to see what it has over excel or the likes. Is there a comparison that you know of.

    thanks again.

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