Display a Dash "-" when dollar value = $0 for accounting sheets/data

I have been asked by a business owner to display a dash "-" instead of a $0 value. It is a helpful way to eliminate business from a sheet/report/dashboard for 0 values.


  • This can be done with an extra column, with a column formula, such as below.

    Then on your report instead of displaying the legacy coumn, display the new one created.

  • I am getting an Unparsable error for this formula. If I have multiple entries in a grid is there a way to do this in the cell that is brining in the data or do I have to do this in all my source sheets I am pulling in from?

    Basically I have 10 sheets for data input by business users. I am pulling all that data into a Overall Summary sheet where I want to then display the dash "-" instead of any zero values. Wondering where I apply the formula at to translate it and then link into my roll ups.

  • You'll probably have to :

    • Add a column to each of your sources :
    • Set the formula
    • Convert it to a column formula
    • Hide the column

    Then edit your report and include the new column.

  • I ended up using conditional formatting to have the font show as same color as the background to show blanks for the $0 values. It was a quicker solution and acceptable by the stakeholder.

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