Looking for a formula to extract value from exactly past 1 year

edited 03/24/23 in Formulas and Functions

I need a formula to return value only if the date is opened from exactly last year. If my current system date is 3/24/23, i need value to be returned exactly from 3/24/22 to 3/24/23.

The formula what i have right now is pulling data from 3/1/22 to 3/24/23. But i need data from 3/24/22 to 3/24/23.

Can someone please help on this.

=IF(ISDATE([Date Opened]@row), IF(AND([Date Opened]@row >= DATE(YEAR(TODAY()) - 1, MONTH(TODAY()), 1), [Date Opened]@row <= TODAY()), "NA", Level@row))

@Paul Newcome : Can you help me on this please? i need help with this formula.


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