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I am trying to pull the latest date a document was reviewed. The review dates are on separate sheet and each document has an ID# (there is an ID# column). There are different types of reviews which is listed in the Parent Row and I have the collect function pulling specific review types. I was able to achieve this with the formula below:

=INDEX(MAX(COLLECT({Reference Sheet_Start Date}, {Reference Sheet_Parent}, "Review Type", {Reference Sheet_Document ID#}, [Primary Column]@row)), 1)

the primary column on the second sheet contains the Document ID#s

Can I add to this formula so the output is dates ONLY before today's date? Do i need to add an IF function or >=TODAY()

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    thank you that did the trick!

    =MAX(COLLECT({Reference Sheet_Start Date}, {Reference Sheet__Parent}, "Review Type", {Reference Sheet_Start Date}, <=TODAY(), {Reference Sheet_Document ID#}, [Primary Column]@row))


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