How to update a Dropdown list column, using a formula in the column, to add values

I have a dropdown list column formula that allows multiple values and restricts the column to the defined dropdown list values. The formula adds dropdown list values based on a set of conditions including adding the dropdown list values in another column. I am using a formula similar to below to define the values:

= [Other Column Drop Down List]@row + "ValueA" + "ValueB"

Both ValueA and ValueB are dropdown list values in the column containing the forumla.

The output of this formula is the values contained in the [Other Column Drop Down List] (which is good) and a new value that is created which is "ValueAValueB" (which I don't want). What I want is the output of the formula to contain the values in the Other Column Drop Down List and the additional values of ValueA and ValueB.

Thoughts on how to reference properly the addition of these two drop down values so that the formula doesn't concatenate them into a new value?

Note that if I am only adding one value (i.e. "ValueA") the following formula works correctly:

= [Other Column Drop Down List]@row + "ValueA"

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