Wrong Formula Calculation

Hey guys,

I have two sheets: one is "Holidays", and another one is "Teams Management".

at "Teams Management" I have these columns (and also the country of the employee):

At "Holidays" I have these columns (and also the country):

I'm trying to collect for each employee the number of vacation days according to his country and according to the quarter dates. I used this formula on "Holidays" colmun at "Teams Management" sheet:

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Employee Name]@row)), SUM(COLLECT({Holidays Range 1}, {Holidays Range 2}, >=[Q Start Date]@row, {Holidays Range 3}, <=[Q Finish Date]@row, {Holidays Range 4}, Country@row, {Holidays Range 5}, Q@row)))

Holidays range 1= Vacation Days from "Holidays" sheet.

Holidays range 2= Start Date from "Holidays" sheet.

Holidays range 3= Finsih Date from "Holidays" sheet.

the result is a very strange number (supposed to be 7 and I get 8.5). The weirdest thing is that I don't have 0.5 days at all on "Vacation Days" column..

Any ideas where is this calculation coming from?

Thank you very much!


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