Help With Summing some columns and helper columns


Hello! I have a rather odd situation I am trying to find a solution for but having some trouble.


  • Column A
    • This is a text field that I am pulling out text from with a MID function to get a count
    • I cannot edit this data as it is being imported from an outside source
  • Column B
    • This is a Formula column I am pulling out the quantity from with the following formula
    • =IFERROR(VALUE(MID(Column A]@row, (10 + FIND("Quantity: ", [Column A]@row)), 1)), 0)


  1. I had to add the value into the formula so that SUM functions would work properly
  2. If the quantity is greater than 10 the formula above breaks because it no longer contains a value
  3. If I add "Column C" I can make it so that one has the count for more than 2 digits, but I am having trouble coming up with a formula to add the columns together properly

Any help would be much appreciated. 😁

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