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Jon Barto
Jon Barto ✭✭✭✭✭
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I need help with a formula and not sure if it is even possible. See attached screenshot

In each of the month fields on the sheet summary. For example January. If one of the parent task dates is Between the start and finish date falls in the month of January I would like it to say the phase.

Also would have to exclude the year so we dont have to redo this each year. Our projects are only 6-8 months so for the report showing jan to dec would not be an issue.

Then I would copy the same thing for feb, march, ect....

Is this possible?

What I am trying to do is show loading report for our project managers. Each job schedule is on its own sheet. This way I can see months from jan to dec what loading is for each project manager.

Here is a rough example.... Now instead of in the month column saying job 1, job 2 it would say the phase, drywall, mechanical, ect...

I think I have how I would want it to report.. Just need to have the sheet summary columns populate.


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