im a trainwreck when it comes to creating formulas with more criteria is needed. I have two columns on my site tracker that I am trying to do a count if on

first column is titled Status (dropdown)

second column titled No hardware needed (Checkbox)

i want the formula to count if the status column is "complete" and if the no hardware needed column is checked

everytime i try to move a bracket or comment or " it keeps coming back unparseable. Am i at least close to solving this one?

=COUNTIFS({0E - Site Tracker 2 Range 1}),= "Complete", [No Order Needed]:[No Order Needed]; = "True")


  • Dakota Haeffner
    Dakota Haeffner ✭✭✭✭✭

    Something that stands out to me is that semi colon instead of a comma,

    try this:

    =COUNTIFS({0E - Site Tracker 2 Range 1}), "Complete", [No Order Needed]:[No Order Needed], "True")

    This is assuming {0E - Site Tracker 2 Range 1} links to a columns where Complete is an option


    the column [No Order Needed] has a text that displays True.

    If the text is a check box or something like that I would replace "true" with a 1.

    hope this helps!

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