How to adjust numeric format when combining cells

Andy Lorance
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Greetings, Community!

I am attempting to concatenate three cells containing numbers and retain the decimal places and 'thousands' comma separator. I've searched high and low for an existing solution, but not finding anything.

Here's a snip of what it looks like. The '121410' is coming from the sheet grid; the other figures are coming from the sheet summary:

This is the formula I'm using: =[2100 Average Monthly Usage - SF]# + ", " + [OCT 22]2 + ", (" + [2100 Average Monthly Utilization]# * 100 + "%)"

This is how I would like it to appear: "70,865, 121,410, (58%)"

Any ideas?


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Andy Lorance

    You could use the ROUND Function to get rid of the decimals:

    =ROUND([2100 Average Monthly Usage - SF]#, 0) + ", " + [OCT 22]2 + ", (" + ROUND([2100 Average Monthly Utilization]#, 0)* 100 + "%)"

    However since you're translating the numbers into a text string (with the + and quotes) then there isn't a way to easily insert commas in the correct places to indicate thousand separators.




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