How to use JOIN to join non-adjacent Cells

Can I use the JOIN Function to join non-adjacent cells. For example I want to the result to be:

Sat - 04/01/23 - Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing.

My attempt at a formula:

=JOIN(([Day of week]@row + [Start Date]@row + [Start time]@row + Itinerary@row), " - ")

The Result - a string of text without a - :

Sat04/01/23Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing Class

You'll notice the cells are non-adjacent so I don't thinking using the standard JOIN structure of =JOIN(Example174:Result174, ", ") will work.

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  • Eric Law
    Eric Law ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    @mistone , Since you are not joining a specified range and just piecemealing it together, why not just make your formula, =([Day of week]@row + " - " + [Start Date]@row + " - " + [Start time]@row + Itinerary@row)?


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