ranking based on criteria (RANKEQ, COLLECT)

I'm stumped with getting RANKEQ to work with COLLECT as a column formula.

I want to rank a total score ("TOTAL") within each of several award categories ("Award Category").

I can make the following cell formula work (in column "Rank by award category"), and then drag the formula across other cells.

=RANKEQ(TOTAL@row, COLLECT($TOTAL$1:$TOTAL$20, $[Award Category]$1:$[Award Category]$20, [Award Category]@row), 0)

However, this sheet will be filled from form entries, and I'd prefer to have a column formula as opposed to dragging a cell formula to other cells.

I can't make the following formula work so I can set it up as a column formula (in column "Rank 2").

=RANKEQ(TOTAL@row, COLLECT([TOTAL:TOTAL], Award Category:Award Category, Award Category@row),0)

What am I doing wrong?!

Thanks to @Genevieve P. for her answers to other queries, which have got me this far, and it's her formula that I am trying to make work. Must be something I am doing wrong! 😫


  • Fixed it by trial and error

    =RANKEQ(TOTAL@row, COLLECT(TOTAL:TOTAL, [Award Category]:[Award Category], [Award Category]@row), 0)

    Think it was possibly something to do with needing square brackets around column names with a space in between words on column title maybe?

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