How to calculate Percent Complete based on multiple columns

Good afternoon. I am new to Smartsheet. I recently imported a tracking Excel spreadsheet into Smartsheet. I have a existing column that tracks percent complete and the formula is =COUNTA(H4223:AC4223)/SUM(COUNTA(H4223:AC4223)+COUNTBLANK(H4223:AC4223))

It comes over as unparseable. Can anyone recommend a Smartsheet formula that will mimic this? I attached a copy of the header from my spreadsheet. Most formulas I have looked at track percent complete with parent and child rows and my spreadsheet is set up with columns instead. Any assistance would be most appreciated.


  • Kelly Drake
    Kelly Drake Overachievers Alumni

    COUNTA & COUNTBLANK aren't available formulas in Smartsheet so I'd recommend using COUNTIF.

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  • D Nyman
    D Nyman ✭✭

    Thank you.

    I tried your suggestion creating the formula below and am still getting unparseable.

    =COUNTIF(Service order Accepted:Complete ISP task in Century)/SUM(COUNTIF(Service Order Accepted:Complete ISP task in Century)+COUNTIF(Service Order Accepted:Complete ISP task in Century)) I might not completely understand what the arguments should be.

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