Comparing Data

This is kind of a 2 part question.

For background:

We provided education-related funding to employees. The request and payment are 2 separate steps, there is no transaction ID. Only thing tying the 2 reports are names and dollar amounts (amounts are not necessarily the same though).

  1. Is there something I can use in smartsheet that I can setup and sort of "dump" the data to flag any duplicates or discrepancies? I have used Vlookup but it has presented a lot of problems doing it this way, time consuming and since not everyone on my team is good with excel I'd rather find an easier solution to this.
  2. We use Workday, is there an easier way I might be able to use Workday to upload the information into SmartSheet? Currently, I have to download the reports and filter.

I realize the easiest solution would most likely be adding a transaction ID but that is easier said than done. Trying to find an easier way to find the data I need.


  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    If a small set of employees: Build a report that shows all employees grouped by name. Live data, easy to visually reference (no excel knowledge needed) and easy to build and edit.

    If a large set of employees: build out a system that flags duplicates with checkboxes

    helper col 1 =JOIN(name reference@row, $ reference @ row)

    helper col 2 (checkbox) =COUNTIF([Helper Col 1]:[Helper Col 1], [Helper Col 1]) >1, 1)

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