Index/Match working for some of the entries, but not all



I have a list of LMS students who register via form. When a student registers, I have an Index/Match on both the last name of the person and the email address and compare it to my master list. If they both exist, a number appears in the Current In System column. If not, it says #NO MATCH. Here's the issue, all these that are saying #NO MATCH are actually on my list and I can't figure out why they are matching. I have looked at the last name and it is exactly the same. Same with the email address. I even went in to remove any spaces behind he name and email address in case it was the issue. It's not. I can't figure it out. Especially because I literarily saved the existing sheet as the new current in system sheet and it still wouldn't match to itself. Please help!

Oh, and last thing, when someone is approved, the row copies to the master list and then the number appears in the Current in System field. That way my list is always updated.

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