What happens when a webhook callback is responded to with a 410 Status Code

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Hello, 410 typically means "Resource Permanently Gone".

And in your docs, I see that if that is the response to a webhook is the 410 status code, that callback will not be retried.

But is the webhook disabled at that point? Or will other events going to that callback URL be triggered?

The documentation isn't clear on this point.

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @sgolux

    Yes, the webhook will be disabled:

    If the response is not retriable or retry attempts have been exhausted, the webhook is disabled (enabled: false and status: "DISABLED_CALLBACK_FAILED").

    A webhook in this state can be re-enabled if the subscriber completes the verification process.

    Here's the section in the documentation that goes through Webhook Retry Logic. πŸ™‚