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Good morning, I'm fairly new to Smartsheet, and before coming here I did some research in the community and the formulas and functions page, I have not been able to figure out how to do (it may not even be possible), hope to get some clarification at least, so thank you in advance!

Looking at two column rows, and if one or both of them = No then to display 0 (Zero). I'm able to do per single column but not both columns, I have tried changing the 0 (Zero) to No and still get the same error?

I have tried =IF(OR and =IF(AND

Working on single row (=IF([Authn 2]@row = "No", 0)

Error when adding the second row #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET


=IF(AND([Authn 2]@row, [Provided Accurate Info 10.1]@row = "No", "0")

=IF(OR([Authn 2]@row, [Provided Accurate Info 10.1]@row = "No", "0")

**I have a sheet that has 17 columns and is column 1 and 16 = No then column 17 = 0 (Zero)

Please le me know if you have any questions.


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