Count and sum formulas not returning correct values

I have some simple count and sum formulas that are not returning the correct values. Is there a way to fix this and what might be the problem? In some parts of my master datasheet they are calculating correctly but not in others. Thanks!


  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you post a screenshot of the formulae and/or data? Without context, it'd be hard to nail an answer.

    If you have numbers that show as text, sometimes formulae won't recognize them. Reformatting can fix, but doesn't always grab all data for certain reasons.

  • J. Earp
    J. Earp ✭✭

    Hi Austin,

    It seems like maybe there was just a lag as now everything looks correct on the sums. When I submitted my question earlier, the total count in the first column was 148 (I added a second column where I just typed in the values to test the sum function) I guess there was just a delay? How long does it typically take for data to calculate. Sometimes it seems to calculate instantly, but other times much longer and it is hard to know if I have a problem with a formula or not.

    In the total projects count, I actually changed my formula because I was scared it was maybe counting my column header as a value. Originally I had, =COUNT({Project Name}, 1) which yields a count of 169 but have changed it to =COUNTIF({Project Name}, <>" ") which yields a count of 168, which is correct. I would have thought they would have returned the same values...

    Thank you!

  • J. Earp
    J. Earp ✭✭

    It happened again today but this time a got a screen shot. The values on the right represent manual counts. These were both equal earlier today but now they are off. The column with a count of 63 Not Started projects are the formula counts. Why are these not updating properly? Everything has been saved.

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