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I have 3 lists that I normally copy into excel columns: #1 Roster names, #2 Split names, and #3 Audit names . I ensure all 3 sheets have the same corresponding names (often times some fall through the cracks and we lose names between each list) In excel I was using the following equation but I want to move it to smartsheets:

=FILTER(Table3[Split ], ISNA(XMATCH(Table3[Split],Table3[Roster],0)))

any ideas? essentially I need a list of the names missing from the roster on the split & the ones missing from the split on the audit (hoping that makes sense)


  • Ryan Sides
    Ryan Sides ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi A, I'm not sure if there's a slicker solution for this or not, but if you're wanting to include them in the same sheet, you can use a COUNTIFS function that will count the first list for any instances of the name in the second list. If your count is zero, then you know it's not there. Create multiple count columns for your different scenarios.

    Does that so what you were wanting to do?

    Ryan Sides

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