need a formula to retrieve a value from an array


hi everyone

we receive an array from external source to our sheet with questions and answers (the id of the question never change on each line)

this is the content of the cell value that I receive from external source :

[{"Answer":"fix","AnswerOptions":["fix","mobile"],"Question":"Do you have a computer","QuestionID":"a6e945c5-01d1-4433-9fbe-4fef2225f3ff","SelectedOptions":[0]},{"Answer":"testOK","Question":"Can you precise that","QuestionID":"dd4d8045-83a7-4843-b76c-c0db7ec74559"}]

i need a formula to retrieve the answer for the questionID: dd4d8045-83a7-4843-b76c-c0db7ec74559

i've try with a combination of left, right and find but without success

thanks for your help !


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